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Hair Cryothearpy

Its a              thang baby!

Service cost starts at $100 Consultation required.

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What is Hair Cryotherapy?
• Hair Cryotherapy is a deep treatment that uses below zero temperatures to help repair damaged hair and help maintain healthy luster of the natural hair. 
What does Hair Cryotherapy do?
• The ice cold plates from the iron helps seal in the nutrients from our detoxifying charcoal and kaolin clay conditioner to improve shine, and silkiness of the hair. It also repairs the cuticle from over processing services like hair color, heat straightening, and chemicals
• Soften straw feeling hair
• Lock moisture into the hair
• Shields cuticles from dry cold air and heat from the suns uv rays
Who benefits from Hair Cryotherapy?
• Hair Cryotherapy is great for ALL HAIR TYPES. 
• Anyone can get Hair Cryotherapy. Hair cryotherapy is not just for damaged hair, it’s also a great hair regiment to retain healthy natural hair

When should I get Hair Cryotherapy? 
• Before and/or after hair extension services. 
• Before wig installs 
• Before and/or after braids
• Before blowouts
• After hair color services
• During Trim & Treatment hair appointments 
How often can I receive Hair Cryotherapy
• Each client is different. Depending on your hair needs, Hair Cryotherapy can be done every two weeks to once a month

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