Custom units and Wigs in charlotte

Custom Units

custom units in charlotte

How to Order

Below you will find some of our favorite units made by Tnicole. First select a wig you would like then view the details and pay the deposit requested for the desired unit] if youre planning to book appointment with nicole for a install. The reminder will be due the day of install. If purchasing to ship, please choose one fo the full total cost to pay. Once completed Email us your receipt and head measurements.

Sales are final on units however if needed to make changes, like adding additional hair or add coloring, please follow up with Tnicole via email. If the unit desired is not shown below please book a consultation to discuss your needs.

Custom units are the new  sewin. Custom Units are super convenient and easy to apply. Anyone can wear a unit. Our custom units are hand made with love by T.Nicole. The foundation of our units are constructed with the strongest nylon thread that will help the unit last 1 to 5 years with proper care. All of our wigs are made glueless, but glue can be applied. Our wig can be made in different styles such as custom frontal units, custom closure units, and upart custom units. All units are made to order so please allow up to 3 weeks for processing and delivery or if booking a appointment please book 3 weeks out.

Measure your head for your new unit.

Measuring your head for a wig is the most important step to do when placing a unit order. It very important to measure correctly to insure the stylist construct the unit correctly. Use the chart to help you take your measurements. 

Custom units. How to measure your head for a wig.

Kristy: Frontal Wig

Details; 4 bundles of Mermaid wave  22-22-20-20inch bundles.  1 16inch lace frontal.

Color: Full all over red brown with scattered spotlights

Price: $1510  

Price without color: $1325

Deposit $850

custom unit

Nicole: Frontal Wig

Details: 4 bundles Indian 28inch. 1 20inch lace frontal

Color: Double process color with high and lowlights.


Deposit: $1160


Tiffany: Frontal Wig

Details: 3 20inch Indian bundles. 1 16 lace frontal.

Price: $1245

Deposit $770

custom unit

Ivy: Frontal Wig

custom unit

Details: 4 Bundles Indian. 20,22,24,26  20inch frontal.

Price: $1835

Deposit: $1060

Upart custom wig

Brittany: Upart Wig.

Details:3 22inch Indian bundles

Price: $1000

Deposit $525

custom unit

Crystal: Frontal Wig

Details: 4 bundles Pretty Bounce 20,22,24,24  18inch frontal

Price: $1515

Deposit $840

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