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frontal sewins in charlotte


Please note that frontals and closures can shed over time. If you have any thinning and the areas can't be adjusted a new frontal or closure will have to be purchased.


The customers natural hair is fully covered and protected from any and all adhesives and tape. The service can be done with our glueless technique, however it will need some type of gel to melt the lace. Please advice the stylist if you are allergic to any glues, sprays or gel prior to service. This install is high maintenance. If you work out regularly this install is not for you. Any natural oils, makeup products, or any moisture of any sort can compromise how long the adhesive or gel last on the frontal. Maintenance required every 2 weeks. If you can't commit to a maintenance schedule this service is not for you.  This service can last up to 4 to 6 weeks.  2 to 5 bundles may be recommended depending on the style requested.]


The customers natural hair is fully covered unless a nape u-part is requested for a little more versatility. This service does not require adhesive but some may be suggested. This service can last up to 8 week depending on proper care. Salon maintenance is required every 2-3 week depending on the amount of new growth the customer has. 2 to 5 bundles may be recommended.]

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