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Natural Hair Extensions

*We encourage clients to book consultations to insure they're getting the best services*

TRADITIONAL SEWIN (upart or flexible  $200)

This services requires minimal leave out and at least 3 to 4inches  in length of natural hair to cover the wefts. A large or small amount natural hair leave out my be recommended. This install is very flexible. The client also can opt in not leaving any natural leave out but a small part. This install can last up o 3 months with proper maintenance. 3 bundles or more recommended. Please discuss your needs with the stylist if you have further questions.

Partial Sewin ( 5 rows of braided wefts $185) 

This install is one of our most natural installs, however this install requires most of the natural hair lefts out.  This install is netless.  5 rows of single or double wefts only. Hair must be in a heathy state to recieve this install. Normally only 1 bundle is recommended for this service. This service can only be tighten 1 time before a removal is required. This install can last up to 1 month.

Seamless Undetectable Sewin  $375

​This install is completely seamless. 4 to 5 bundles required. 3 to 4inch of natural hair is the minimal to achieve this services. this install is one of our flattest installs we offer. This install can last up to 4 months with proper maintenance. This install is active friendly 


The flattest and most natural install we offer. 90% of the customers hair is left out. This installs done with tiny silicone protected beach to install weft hair. Depending on the texture of the clients hair this service may not be recommended. This service  required upkeep and proper salon maintenance.  We don't not recommend clients to attempt to remove this particular service themselves  because damage of the natural hair can happen. This service should only be don't by a licensed professional. 2 bundles recommended for this services. CONSULTATIONS REQUIRED.

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