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The R-Silicone Mask

The R-Silicone Mask

Breathable, dustproof, antibacterial mask.Last 12-24 months. Comfortable easy to wear. Great and stylish for stylist, makeup artist and barbers. However anyone can wear our R-Silicone Mask.Comes with 5 filters, 2 filter brackets to clip together and 2 plastic cord lock ballsComfort straps not included..Disinfect the mask and bracket by soaking it in 75% alcohol based solution for more than 5 minutesIt’s best to keep it in cool dry environment to maximize the length of usage. Although it’s recommended to wear a mask during COVID-19 we do not guarantee that this mask or any other mask we offer is apreventative. Purchase and wear mask at your own riskWe recommend using 2 filters to enhancement your safety.
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