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Head Spa Charlotte

Haircial Services

Need a quick get away? Take a haircation and experience one or multiple of our haircial services. Experiencing hair loss, dryness, dulness, etc. Our haircial services can help all of your natural hair concerns. During your haircial service you will be educated on possible causes for your hair concern and upkeep regiments to insure ultimate healthiness of your natural hair. Plan your haircation today. Bundle multiple haircial services together and receive 20% off your first visit. 

Scalp Analysis

A closer look a the scalp to analyze scalp build up, possible causes of hairless and much more. By having a scalp anaylsis we can determine a better way to treatment the natural hair and scalp in between your hair services.


Chebe hot oil cap massage

Hot Oil Treatment

A naturally made chebe and herb infused oil treatment that strengthens hair to decrease breakage. Applied heated while using steam for max moisture repair to the scalp and hair strands.


Hair and scalp detox charlotte

HyroDetox Treatment

 Detox exfoliant that deep cleanse and open up pores on the scalp. Helps with scalp and hair  pH balance while processing under a high moisture steamer insure a complete scalp deep cleanse.


Hair Cryotherapy

CryoMask Treatment

A deep treatment that uses below zero temperatures to help repair damaged hair and help maintain healthy laser of the natural hair. Helps repair the cuticle from all chemical services and soften straw feeling hair, lock in moisture and shields cuticle from dry cold air and heat form the sun uv rays. $100

Hot Conditioner treatment

Hot Conditioner Treatment

 A deep penetrating aloe infused moisturizing treatment. Processing under a hot treatment cap for 15min insures complete scalp saturation to help decrease dryness of the scalp and help lessen buildup


Haircials charlotte

High Frequency Treatment

Stimulate hair follicles by improving blood circulation to the scalp by using tiny vibrating electrotherapy in a combing motion throughout the scalp.


 Bundle multiple haircial services together and receive 20% off your first visit. 

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